Pikachu Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pikachu is the classic poster boy for Pokemon, so it is obvious people want to know his location in Legends: Arceus. This electric type has been around since generation one. While well known from the animation, in the game he has never been prolific. This means you do have to do a bit of searching to find him. Luckily, we tell you where to find and how to catch Pikachu in Pokemon Legends: Arceus below.

Pikachu Location Pokemon Legends Arceus
Pikachu Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Pikachu in Pokemon Legends Arceus

So far, we have found one definite location where a Pikachu is wandering free. The Cobalt Coastlands on the east side of the map is where you need to head. Visit the peninsula over the way from Firepit Island. To the northeast of Windbreak Stand and the northwest of Castaway Shore is a gulley. In here, you can find a Pikachu roaming in the wooded areas.

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Pikachu is an electric-type Pokemon, number 56 in the Hisuian Pokedex. He has a medium-fast growth rate. When found, it comes with the static ability. This allows him to paralyze foes who make contact in combat. Lightning rod is a hidden ability useful in group battles, which can concentrate electric type moves on one Pokemon.

With the right tactics, catching a Pikachu is not hard. They have a very low HP counter with a mediocre defense, so you don’t need to inflict that much damage. However, they’re very quick and have a fair attack.

As an electric Pokemon, Pikachu has some weaknesses you can exploit. His biggest weaknesses are ground-type Pokemon, such as Garchomp and Mamoswine. Flying, steel, and other electric-type Pokemon will be a weakness to a lesser extent. He is strong against dragon types so avoid Pokemon like Dialga and Goodra against him.

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