Change Time of Day Pokemon Legends Arceus Night and Day Cycle

Pokemon Legends Arceus makes use of a night and day cycle, and you may need to change the time of day for many reasons. To confuse matters, this does not correspond to real-world time. Certain areas of the game will also make time move quicker or keep it at a standstill. If you want to complete your Pokedex, then mastering time is essential. Read on as we give our must-know guide on Pokemon Legends Arceus night and day cycles.

Change Time of Day Pokemon Legends Arceus Night and Day Cycle
Change Time of Day Pokemon Legends Arceus Night and Day Cycle

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Night and Day can have a huge impact on the Pokemon environment. This makes knowing the time of day extremely important, particularly if you want to complete tasks and catch certain Pokemon.

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As in many Pokemon games, some Pokemon only spawn at different times of the day. That means they may be available to catch at night but vanish by morning. Some Pokemon will only be available to evolve at certain times as well.

How to Change Time of Day to Morning, Midday, Evening, Nightfall in Pokemon Legends Arceus Night/Day Cycle

There are several ways you can manipulate time in Pokemon Legends Arceus. One thing to bear in mind is that the time in real life, or on your console, has no impact on the game. The same developer, Game Freak, created Pokemon Sword and Shield. In that game, you could manually change the time. This is not the case in Arceus.

Another point of note is that time goes quicker outside settlements. Jubilife Village stands still, yet if you go outside the city, you will find the clock moves rapidly. This can help you speed up if you need night or day to arrive quicker.

Other than this, you can move time on by sleeping at a camp. When resting, you can sleep for a short period or rest until morning, noon or night. Your quarters in Jubilife City or one of the camps located outside villages are the rest points.

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