Sea's Legend Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Sea’s Legend Pokemon Legends Arceus mystery is a fun quest to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, it’s almost like a riddle that you have to solve. The requirements for completing this request include having three specific Pokemon in your party, going to a specific location at the right time of day, and more. Since it’s all a bit tricky, here’s our guide to take you through the process, step by step.

seas legend pokemon legends arceus
Sea’s Legend Pokemon Legends Arceus

Sea’s Legend Mystery in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To complete the Pokemon Legends Arceus Sea’s Legend mystery, the first step is to get yourself a Mantyke, a Buziel, and a Qwilfish. You can get a Buziel in the east of Obsidian Fields, across the river to the east of Worn Bridge. As for Mantyke, they spawn in the water east and northeast of Ginkgo Island in Cobalt Coastlands. Lastly, Qwilfish appear in the waters around Lunker’s Lair, also in Cobalt Coastlands. After you catch it, you’ll have to evolve it into Overquil by using the Barb Barrage move twenty times in the Strong Style.

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Next, put the Overquilm Buziel and Mantyke into your party, then go to Coastlands Camp. Rest there until the evening. When that’s done, head straight for those giant horns sticking out of the water. By that, I mean you need to ride between them, and you’ll get a message that a boulder has moved in the distance. Time to travel west and go into the Seaside Hollow cave. That’s where the last step of the Sea’s Legend mystery in Pokemon Legends Arceus is. Before you go in, save your game, though. You’re in for a fight that can get a little tricky.

Once you’re in the cave, you’ll be faced with one Manaphy and a whole bunch of Phione as well. Your quest is to catch the Manaphy, which is difficult to do in a mass battle like this. Technically, you can just capture a Phione and evolve it, but that’s a drag. Instead, if you accidentally make the Manaphy faint, just reload the save you made at the cave entrance. Either way, once you have a Manaphy, go back to the mission giver and complete the request.

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