Where to Buy Charms in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Figuring out where to buy Charms in Pokemon Legends Arceus is important, because these Charms grant you valuable bonuses – lose fewer items, faint less frequently, and stay in good health, granted by the Tempting Charm, Survival Charm, and Warding Charm, respectively. And they have an appropriately high cost, but that’s a different matter. The point is that you can actually find a Charm vendor relatively early in the game. All you need to do is look in a specific corner of Jubilife Village. Let’s get into the details.

where to buy charms in pokemon legends arceus
Where to Buy Charms in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Buy Pokemon Legends Arceus Charms

To buy Charms in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you need to go to the northwest corner of Jubilife Village. There’s a little path that goes slightly uphill, and that’s where you’ll find an old lady called Lucille. She is standing next to a small shrine, simply called Folk Shrine, and when you talk to her, she’ll offer to sell you charms. Well, she actually asks you what you want to pray for; you actually have to ask to find out exactly which charm does what. Here’s a quick rundown.

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  • Lose fewer items – Tempting Charm – If you faint, it becomes the first thing to vanish from your satchel instead of other items.
  • Faint less frequently – Survival Charm – Makes you less likely to faint when you’re out and about exploring.
  • Stay in good health – Warding Charm – Lets you escape effects of status conditions from wild Pokemon moves.

So, that’s where you can buy charms in Pokemon Legends Arceus and what they do – one saves your inventory when you faint, one keeps you from fainting, and one wards you from status conditions. All of them are very useful in their own way, but here’s the kicker – they cost 500 gold or coin or whatever each. That’s pretty steep, especially in the early game. Also, Lucille might offer other Charms if you do requests for her. We haven’t yet played long enough to see whether or not that’s true; if it is, we’ll update the guide accordingly. Meanwhile, here are screenshots of Lucille’s location in Jubilife Village.

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