Pokemon Let's Go Dragonite Location - Where to find

Dragonite is one of the rarest monsters in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. It’s a dragon type pokemon that looks a bit like a fat Charizard. It’s extremely rare, and you can only find it in the wild, but you have to fulfill a special condition before you can catch it. A lot of people are stuck here, frustrated by the sightings of the rare beast which they cannot engage in combat. This guide will show you how to get Dragonite in Pokemon Let’s Go.

pokemon let's go dragonite locations where to find
Pokemon Let’s Go Dragonite Location – Where to find

How to get Dragonite in Pokemon Let’s Go?

There are a bunch of places where Dragonite is liable to spawn – Route 4, Route 7, Route 8, Route 11, Route 12… If you want the full list of locations where it can appear, check out our Pokemon locations map guide. Despite the long list of places where it can appear, it has a really low chance to spawn.

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You might have already run into it in one of these places, but it’s quite possible it just flew over your head – literally. Dragonite is a flying pokemon, and it tends to keep to the skies. You won’t be able to engage in combat with it if you’re on the ground. The only way to fight and capture Dragonite is to mount another flying pokemon, like Charizard. In order to do that, you’ll have to open up the menu, navigate to the party section, then select the flying pokemon and choose the option to take it out of its pokeball.

This will return your current traveling companion to its own pokeball, and replace it with the one you chose. Now you’ll be able to enter an armed conflict with Dragonite. Just make sure you use high quality balls – if it runs away, it might be hours before you run into another one.

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