Pokemon Let's Go Gengar - How to Get

Gengar is one of the monsters you can catch in Pokemon Let’s Go. He’s a big purple ghost that has a lot of poison and ghost attacks. Since he’s a dual type, you’ll probably want one on your team as soon as possible. It’s like having two creatures in one slot, which can be extremely useful. If you want this purple blob in your party, this guide will show you how to get Gengar in Pokemon Let’s Go.

pokemon let's go gengar
Pokemon Let’s Go Gengar – How to Get

Where to find Gengar in Pokemon Let’s Go?

There’s no way to get Gengar in the wild. He just won’t spawn. Instead, you’ll have to start at the bottom, by catching a Gastly. To do this, you should go to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. That’s the big stone building to the right of the clinic, the one that’s basically a pokemon cemetary. Now, you can either stick to the first two floors and get a Gastly, or you can head on over to the 4th floor and wait for a Haunter to appear. The former have a higher chance of spawning, so it might be faster to do things that way.

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If you get Gastly, you’ll first have to fight a couple of times before it evolves. Once you have the Haunter, you’ll need to find another player to trade it with. Haunter will evolve into Gengar, but only after you give it to someone else. Look for other people offering Haunters, so you’ll both end up with Gengars.

To trade, open up your menu and select communicate. Pick the “play with others” option, then select the option you want (via local network or the internet). Then you’ll have to choose Link Trade, which is what opens up the trading interface. You’ll have to use a code to connect to others, which means you’ll need to find a community of players who are trading among themselves. Also, you’ll need an active Switch subscription in order to use any of the online features.

Also, if you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you can transfer a Gengar from the mobile game to Pokemon Let’s Go. You’re going to lose it in the former, but you’ll avoid trading with others, which can be tiresome and costs actual money because of the subscription. There’s a detailed instruction on how to do it on Nintendo’s site.

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