Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Location in Pikachu Edition

Eevee is one of the starting choices in Pokemon Let’s Go. If you choose the Eevee edition, you’ll get her right off the bat. However, if you choose the Pikachu edition, you’ll have to find her out in the world if you want to have her – or any of her higher forms – on your team. A lot of players are interested in finding her, so we’ve written this guide to help you find Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee location in Pikachu edition.

pokemon let's go eevee location pikachu edition
Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Location in Pikachu Edition

Where to find Eevee in Pikachu edition?

You’ll find a patch of grass that often spawns Eevees on Pokemon Road (Route 17). That’s the one that goes between Fuchsia City and Celadon City. In order to unlock the part of the road where Eevee spawns, you’ll have to wake up the Snorlax first. This is done by using the Poke Flute, which you’ll get as a reward after you’ve defeated four gyms and completed the tower in Lavander Town.

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Once you’ve unlocked the road, look for Eevees in the grass. They’re not hard to catch, but they’re not exactly easy either. Their outer circle is small, and they’re pretty nimble and aggressive. You’ll probably have to use something better than the basic balls, and some berries to soothe the animal.

Once you’ve caught her, you’ll be able to evolve her into Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon after a while, depending on the stones you use in the process. This part of the world is unlocked halfway through the game – you won’t be able to access it right away. If you end up getting stuck along the way, we have guides that’ll help you with stuff like unlocking fast travel, farming berries, dismounting flying pokemon, using bottle caps,etc. Stay tuned for more, trainers.

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