Pokemon Let's Go Elite Four & Champion - How to Beat

Elite four are the final bosses of Pokemon Let’s Go. They’re the four trainers you’ll fight at Indigo Plateau after you’ve conquered all the gyms – Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and Lance. After you defeat them, you’ll have to fight the current League Champion. Since there’s no way to replay just one of these fights (you have to start all the way at the beginning if you fail), a lot of people are looking for advice which would help them speed things up. This guide is going to show you how to beat Elite Four & Champion in Pokemon Let’s Go.

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pokemon let's go elite four champion how to beat
Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four & Champion – How to Beat

Before you start, make sure you have enough healing items. There’s a small pause between each two fights, which allows you to heal up and remove harmful statuses from your pokemon, as well as change the composition of your party.

How to beat Lorelei

Lorelei is the first one you’ll fight, and probably the easiest. All you need is a good electric type pokemon – if you bought the Pikachu edition, he’ll do just fine. Just spam those thunderbolts until you’re all out of gas. If you want more info about this fight, check out our how to beat Lorelei guide.

How to defeat Bruno

Bruno is the second of the Elite Four. For him, you’ll need a good water type and a good psychic type pokemon in your roster. Still nothing to be fearful of, thankfully. For more info, check out our how to beat Bruno guide.

How to beat Agatha

Agatha is the third trainer you’ll face during the final boss fight, and the first that could pose a serious challenge. All of her pokemon do poison damage, but luckily, they’re all vulnerable to psychic damage. For precise details, we suggest checking out our how to beat Agatha guide.

How to defeat Lance

Lance is the fourth and final memeber of the Elite Four. Surprisingly, he’s not too much of an obstacle either. Most of his pokemon are vulenarble to electricity, which means Pikachu edition owners are getting another free win here. Only one requires you to use an ice type pokemon, which shouldn’t be a problem at this point. For a more detailed breakdown, check out our how to beat Lance guide.

How to beat Champion Rival

After you’ve cleared the Elite Four, you’ll have to face the current Champion. His lineup looks ominous at first glance, but you’ll quickly realize most of them are weak to ice or water, which means a Lapras will all but guarantee a win here. You’ll also need a solid ground type and a good electricity type (Pikachu, anyone?). For more info, visit our how to beat Champion guide.

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