Pokemon Let's Go Moltres Legendary Bird - How to Get

Moltres is a legendary bird in Pokemon Let’s Go. It’s a unique pokemon you can only get in one place in the entire game, and you’ll have to progress a fair bit through the story before you can get it. It’s hidden in a particular cave, and a lot of people are having trouble finding it. If you’re stuck on your quest for this legendary bird, this guide will show you how to get Moltres in Pokemon Let’s Go.

pokemon let's go moltres
Pokemon Let’s Go Moltres Legendary Bird – How to Get

Where to find Moltres in Pokemon Let’s Go?

The only Moltres in Kanto is hiding out in the cave at Victory Road. It’s the area in the northwestern corner of the map, the last stop before Indigo City. In order to enter it, you’ll have to have the Earth Badge, which you’ll obtain by defeating the gym leader in Viridian City. Once you have it, head towards Indigo City and enter the cave.

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What you need to do is head up to the 3rd floor, then head up and to the left. You’ll find a policewoman in the corridor there. Use the ladder to the left of her, which will take you back to the 2nd floor, but a different section than the one you’ve already been to. Head to the right until you reach a plateau with your prey.

Fighting it shouldn’t be too much of an issue – we just spammed Blastoise attacks until it relented. Use the strongest water type pokemon you have and you’ll be done with it soon enough. After you’ve defeated Moltres, you’ll have to capture it using a ball.

If you’re interested in other legendary birds, we’ve also written a guide to help you catch Articuno, and we’re working on getting a Zapdos as well. Stay tuned.

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