Pokemon Let's Go Where to Get Tea for Thirsty Guard - Saffron City

Getting tea for the thirsty guard in Saffron City in Pokemon Let’s Go is a sort quest you’ll have to complete. If you want to go into Saffron City, you’ll have to find the tea for the thirsty guard at the entrance. However, finding tea in Pokemon Let’s Go isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds. You’ll have to speak to a specific NPC in order to obtain it. With that in mind, our Pokemon Let’s Go Where to Get Tea for Thirsty Guard – Saffron City guide will show you where to find the tea, and how to get into Saffron City.

Pokemon Let's Go Where to Get Tea for Thirsty Guard - Saffron City
Pokemon Let’s Go Where to Get Tea for Thirsty Guard – Saffron City

How to Unlock and Enter Saffron City – Pokemon Let’s Go

To unlock and enter Saffron City in Pokemon Let’s Go, you’re gonna have to convince the guard to let you pass. Basically, if you had down Route 5 from Cerulean City to Saffron City, you’ll run into a guard that won’t let you pass. However, he will tell you that he’s thirsty, and would love some tea. It’s clear what you have to do – get this man tea, and you’ll be free as a bird to go where you want.

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And, here we hit our problem – how to get tea in Pokemon Let’s Go? There are vending machines selling drinks everywhere, yes; the problem there is that you can only get water, lemonade, and soda from those. The guard doesn’t want any of that; the guy wants himself some tea. So, the question remains – where to find tea in Pokemon Let’s Go? Well, let’s get right into that.

Where to Find Tea for Thirsty Guard in Pokemon Let’s Go?

To get tea for the Tirsty Guard in Pokemon Let’s Go, you’ll have to make your way to Celadon City. It’s in the center of the map, and has a small drawing of its orange-and-blue mall as an icon. Once you get to Celadon City, go to Celadon Condominiums. Fun fact about this building – if you go inside, you’ll find the names of the people that have made the game listed as employees. But, we don’t care about that right now.

Instead of going inside, you should find Brock. He’ll be standing at the entrance to Celadon Condominiums, next to a guy in a pink shirt and a scary-looking Poliwrath. Brock has spiky brown hair, a black-green-orange shirt, and gray pants. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he has a gift for the Celadon Gym Leaders, but couldn’t give it to them. So, he’ll give you the gift instead – the Pewter Crunchies Famous Snack. It’s a very useful item; it heals all status conditions of a single Pokemon. Brock will remember that this snack can make you thirsty, so he’ll give you some tea as well.

All you have to do now is go and take the tea to the thirsty guard in Saffron City. That’s that. In case you need anything else, please feel free to browse through our other Pokemon Let’s Go guides. Among many others, we’ve got How to Chop a Tree, Starter Gender & Best Nature – How to Pick, and Nature Lady Fortune Teller – All Flower Combinations.

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    i need tea to get to celadon city which is where you say the tea is WTF

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      You have to use the underground path that’s near the entrance to Saffron

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