Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In our Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide, we are going to give you some of the best counters for this 7 star Tera Raid. It’s a powerful enemy, so you have to come in prepared. That’s why we won’t just list which Pokemon to use, but we’ll also go a bit more into how to build them and more. Let’s dive straight in!

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best pokemon for decidueye tera raid pokemon scarlet & violet
Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Pokemon for Decidueye Tera Raid

There are several Pokemon that are the best counters to use in the Decidueye 7 star Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One of the most effective choices would definitely be Iron Hands. We’ve written a separate guide on how to prepare Iron Hands for a raid, but for this particular case, there ought to be a few changes. Namely, the held item should be the Shell Bell or the Sitrus Berry. Moves-wise, you definitely want Belly Drum and Thunder Punch, but your bread and butter is going to be Wild Charge. The fourth can be Electric Terrain to boost the damage Wild Charge does. Its nature should remain Adamant. So, the order of operations is to open with Belly Drum, then Electric Terrain, and then hit the Wild Charge. Oh, and have Quark Drive as the Ability.

The second best choice for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Decidueye 7 star Tera Raid is Miraidon, if you have it. The Nature should be Modest, with the Hadron Engine as the ability and Terrain Extender as the held item. Open the fight with three rounds of Metal Sound to reduce the enemy’s Defense, then Charge on the fourth turn. Seal the deal with Electro Drift for massive damage. Keep it up and use Parabolic Charge when you need to heal. Other good choices include Bellibolt with Parabolic Charge, Thunder, Rain Dance and Electric Terrain, with a Modest Nature, the Electromorphosis as the Ability and the Metronome as the held item. Some more contenders include Magnezone and Azumarill.

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