Cookie Run Kingdom Stardust Cookie

Another update, and with it – another cookie that’s set to arrive to Cookie Run Kingdom. The cookie in question is none other than Stardust Cookie. This Super Epic Cookie is an Ambush type, and his position is in the Middle. You may remember him from the Fateful Moonrise update where he was an NPC, but he is now set to make his gameplay debut in CRK. If you are interested in learning more about him, we are going to tell you everything that we know about Stardust Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Stardust Cookie
Cookie Run Kingdom Stardust Cookie

Stardust Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Stardust Cookie is set to become available as a playable character in Cookie Run Kingdom with the next update. This update is scheduled to come out this Wednesday, March 8th, 2023. A little backstory about Stardust Cookie – he was created from “imperfect” dough that has been imbued with nameless starlight. This dough was separated from the pure moonlight dough which was used to create Moonlight Cookie. Stardust Cookie is now making his way to the City of Wizards in order to learn more about his origins.

His Skill is called the “Wrath of the Stars”. Here’s its description: “Stardust Cookie soars in the sky and marks the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first) with the Sign of the Stars. Then he will descend to deal area damage to the enemies, amplifying debuffs they receive. Targets will receive additional damage depending on the number of buffs they currently have. The Sign of the Stars prevents the target from gaining. buffs, decreases their ATK and Healing, and increases the DMG received. If the skill delivers a critical hit, the target will fall Asleep. If the Sign of the Stars is dispelled, the target and the nearby enemies will receive damage. After casting his skill, Stardust Cookie will gain a DMG Resist buff himself. If the enemies are Asleep, Stardust Cookie summons meteors to attack them.”

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