Mirror Herb Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Mirror Herb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a brand new item, and it’s very handy to have. It has two very distinct uses, both of which we’ll explain in this guide. More importantly, we will show you where to buy and how to get the Mirror Herb in Scarlet and Violet.

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mirror herb pokemon scarlet and violet
Mirror Herb Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Get Mirror Herb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get the Mirror Herb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to go to a specific Delibird Presents store. I’m taking about the one near the north entrance to Cascarrafa. It’s immediately to the right of the Pokemart, just across the bridge. This store sells the Mirror Leaf for thirty thousand bucks. It’s pretty dang pricey, I know. However, for what it does, it’s worth the money. For one, it copies the stat increases of the opposing Pokemon to get copied onto the Pokemon holding the Mirror Leaf, once per battle. So, if the opponent uses something like Swords Dance, you can use the item to keep yourself in the fight, as it were.

So, that’s how to get and where to buy the Mirror Herb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and one of its uses. Its second use can actually be a huge help with breeding. It lets the Pokemon holding the item learn a move from its Egg Group without having to breed at all. Here’s what you have to do: have the Pokemon you want to learn the move go on a picnic with the Pokemon who has the move you want learned. That’s it. Pretty major shortcut, wouldn’t you say? Combine that with the Everstone and the Destiny Knot for the conveniences they bring, and you will be creating absolute beasts in no time. Click either of those links for more info on the item in question.

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