Secret Menu Item Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you want to face Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leader Larry, you’ll need to pass the Normal Medali Gym test. And that means ordering a special secret menu item at the Treasure Eatery! Other challengers have clues for the secret dish. In this guide, you’ll learn where to find other challengers, solutions for Normal Gym test clues, and the correct answers for ordering the special secret menu item order.

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Order Secret Menu Item Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Secret Menu Item Clues, Correct Answers, and Challengers’ Locations

Secret Menu Item Clues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Normal Gym Test

In order to uncover the Secret Menu Item for the Normal Gym Test, you’ll need to find all three Medali Gym challengers. Beat them, and they will give your their clues. Once you have a Secret Menu Item clue, you’ll need to find the location and solve it. Below we pinpoint locations for each of the Medali Gym Test challengers and provide solutions for clues on how to order the Secret Menu Dish at the Treasure Eatery.

First Clue – Find out How the Regulars Season Their Dishes

The first clue is the one given to you when the Medali Gym test starts. What you need to do is to ask an Office Worker who’s sitting at the bar in the Treasure Eatery about this clue. And he will tell you that “a nice squeeze of lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick”. And there you have it, “Lemon” is the first part of the Secret Menu Item at Treasure Eatery.

Second Clue (Adara the Student) – The Odd One Out at One of the Ice Cream Stands

For the next clue, you’ll need to defeat Adara the Student. This Medali Gym test challenger is standing on a square right in front of the Treasure Eatery. Once you beat her, she’ll tell you her clue. The “odd one out at one of the ice cream stands” clue means that we will need to check the ice cream stands not far from there. And the leftmost one will have our next item for the secret dish. It’s the “Grilled Rice Balls“!

Third Clue (Gisela the Student) – A Dark Spot Surrounded by Stairs

The next clue will be revealed by Gisela the Student. This Medali Gym challenger is near the amphitheatre/semicircular stairs in Medali. Check out our images for the exact location. Once you defeat her, she will give you another clue for the Secret Menu Item at the Treasure Eatery. And it says “A dark spot surrounded by stairs”. She’s talking about the barred door at the bottom of the stairs right next to her. Interact with the said door, and you will get the next part of the Treasure Eatery Secret Menu Item – Fire Blast!

Fourth Clue (Santiago the Student) – Listen Really Closely to the Blue Bird Pokemon

Finally, for our last clue on how to order the Treasure Eatery Secret Menu Item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the Medali Gym Test, you’ll have to defeat Santiago the Student. Check out our image below so that you know where to find this challenger. Once you beat him, he’ll tell you that you need to “Listen really closely to the blue bird Pokemon”. A dude with the blue bird Pokemon is standing on a crossroad in the same street where Santiago the Student is. Approach the bird and it will start talking random things. At one point, the bird will say “Meedyum! Meedyum!”. And that’s the final puzzle piece for the Secret Menu Dish in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Treasure Eatery Order Special Secret Menu Item Solution, All Correct Answers

Now that we’ve collected all four Secret Menu Item clues, all that has left to do is to visit the Treasure Eatery and make our order. Check out the correct answers for the “Order the Secret Menu Item” Medali Gym test:

Now, tell me… What will you be ordering?

  • Grilled Rice Balls (Correct Answer)
  • Grilled Fish
  • Steak
  • Omelet
  • Fried Eggs

And what size serving will you be having?

  • Small Serving
  • Medium Serving (Correct Answer)
  • Large Serving

How do you want that cooked?

  • Lightly charred, Ember style
  • Well cooked, Flamethrower style
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style (Correct Answer)

Anything to garnish your order?

  • Cheese Powder
  • Lemon (Correct Answer)
  • Nothing, thanks

So there you have it, these are the four correct answers to Order the Secret Menu Item at the Treasure Eatery. Once you order the Secret Menu Dish, the Medali Gym Test will be completed and you will be able to challenge Gym Leader Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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    It says lemon on first clue yet you said cheese on the last part where you show the answers got me confused

    1. It’s Lemon, a small mistake in the second half of the article, we fixed it!

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