Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Evolving Explained

In our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Evolving Explained guide, we are going to explain how to fix the bug where your Pokemon are not evolving properly. To be more precise, we are going to demonstrate that it’s most likely not a bug, but just a feature that you’ve misread. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

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pokemon scarlet and violet pokemon not evolving explained
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Evolving Explained

Pokemon Not Evolving in Scarlet and Violet

If your Pokemon are not evolving in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, that might not actually be a bug. What’s most likely happening is that you’re relying on Auto Battles to grind out XP. That’s fine and dandy; that’s what the Let’s Go system is all about, after all. However, the issue is that the Pokemon you’re walking around with will not evolve from Auto Battles alone. They require some action on your part. What I mean by that is that you either need to give it a Rare Candy, or it needs to go through a regular battle before it will evolve. As in, a battle that you begin. I’m not entirely sure why the devs made it this way, but it is what it is.

So, yeah, that’s the most likely reason that your Pokemon are not evolving in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and how to fix the issue. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. A questionable feature, but still. It’s better than having there be no solution, right? It seems that most people are complaining about their starter Pokemon not evolving, aka Quaxly, Fuecoco and Sprigatito. Since most people keep their starter as the team leader, which is the Pokemon that you most commonly send on Auto Battles, I think it’s safe to assume that is where the problem lies. Now, there might be some kind of bug preventing Pokemon from evolving, but we haven’t found any evidence of it at time of writing.

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  1. L

    My rockruff has only leveled through actual battles, and still won’t evolve. According to some posts on reddit, it’s a bug.

    1. N

      Girl my rockruff is level 37 and still has jot evolved. Ive given him rare candy, started and finished battles with him… nothing will evolve mine either. Its a bummer

    2. D
      Danilo Franson

      Same. And even the time is right.

    3. R

      Yea ive had this issue with pikachu, and multiple other pokemon that require a stone. I thought it was because of auto battle because the first time i tried a normal battle naturally my one pokemon evolved with stone. now im like 3 levels deep. using my pokemon in trainer battles and regular battles for his levels and the result is no level. it has to be a bug.

  2. R

    Figured it out. It is because you USE the item on your pokemon now they dont hold it when they level anymore.

    1. L

      I have to inform you that it has always been that way. Only some specific items must be held, usually while being traded, but stone evolutions have always been that way. And some other items, but I forget the whole list. I’m sure you can look it up, though.

      1. T

        Same, the rockruff I got in a terra raid will not evolve at all. It’s past 25, I use a rare candy, it’s not holding and ever stone and nothing happens.

  3. B
    Bryan O

    Ya, this article is just guesswork at best, and sadly likely completely wrong. My Fuecoco didn’t evolve at the level it should having leveled through real battling.

  4. L

    Idk Pawmo is supposed to evolve off the Let’s Go feature, so I fail to see how it would be a restriction for other Pokémon. Speaking of which, it STILL hasn’t evolved after ages of running around with my Pawmo. I think it’s a bug, but if its not, first, WTF, and second, that needs to be changed asap.

  5. M

    I have a Fletchinder that’s level 36 and not evolving. Even after battles I start with random path trainers and wild Pokémon

  6. S

    Jiggly puff is supposed to evolve to Wigglytuff with a moon stone and I am no able to evolve it. Someone knows if is there another condition?

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