Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sparkling Power

We all love Shiny Pokemon. And, of course, we all know how difficult it can be to actually encounter and catch a Shiny variant of our favorite Pokemon. It can take a whole lot of grinding until we get lucky enough to catch even a single Shiny. This is why we are always on the lookout for ways to increase the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon. One of the ways to do this in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is through sandwiches. Specifically, the Sparkling Power Shiny Sandwich. So if you are wondering what you need to do to be able to craft this, we are going to explain the entire process in our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sparkling Power guide.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sparkling Power
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sparkling Power

How to Get Sparkling Power in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As this is a very powerful item, it’s no wonder that getting it isn’t easy. To start with, you are going to need to beat the game. That is, to play until the end-credits roll. Luckily, this doesn’t require you to complete all of the content in the game, as this would take a lot more time than simply finishing the main story. The Sparkling Power Shiny Sandwich Recipe itself is then going to unlock as part of the post-game content.

The next step requires that you get Herba Mystica. There are several types of Herba Mystica – Salty Herba Mystica, Sweet Herba Mystica, Sour Herba Mystica, and Spicy Herba Mystica. These are pretty rare, and the most reliable way to get them is through 5-star Pokemon Raids. This requires that you have sufficiently leveled-up Pokemon that can handle these 5-star Raids. Once you have both the recipe and farmed enough Herba Mystica, you can then use it to craft Sparkling Power Shiny Sandwiches and get more Shiny Pokemon.

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