Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids Not Showing Up Fix

In our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids Not Showing Up Fix guide, we are going to expalin what to do if the Tera Raids are missing in your game. There are a handful of potential solutions to this problem, and all of them are fairly simple. So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

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pokemon scarlet and violet tera raids not showing up fix
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids Not Showing Up Fix

How to Fix Tera Raids Not Showing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To fix the Tera Raids not showing up or missing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are several things that you can try. One of them is to make sure that your console’s date and time is set up correctly. If they’re set to before the game’s launch, that could be causing the issue. Then, simply wait for the Raids to refresh, which happens at midnight local time. If you don’t want to wait, though, you can move the clock to the next day and hop back into the game. Don’t forget to reset the clock to the correct tome at some point, though. Just in order to prevent any potential future problems, of course. If neither of those work, time to get a little more serious.

Another potential fix for Tera Raids not showing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet follows a few steps, as laid out by ariegnes on Reddit. First, they pulled out the SD card and installed the game fully on the console. Then, they created a new account and deleted the old one. Lastly, they reinstalled the game once more onto the SD card. As they put it: “Idk if it was some game cache or user cache or something that triggered it. But it works now.” So, those are the fixes we know of. If you have any other solution for the Tera Raids missing in Scarlet and Violet, let us know in the comments.

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  1. N

    Switching dates help

  2. M
    Michael Bozman

    I recently caught Cinderace in a 7 star raid but its not showing up in my boxes or showing the animation you get for catching it after the raid is done?

  3. B

    How do you delete the account without losing your progress in the game? Or do I have to start again?

  4. K

    Hey so 4 and 5 star raids did show up for me first but then they disappeared and I want to unlock 6 star raids, I don’t have any of these problems you are saying. So what do I do?

  5. C

    So none of the new Pokémon I caught or traded for seems to be popping up as caught or showing their data. I have video’s of what I’m experiencing I’m able to share. What can I do to remedy this situation?

  6. T

    My 4 and 5 star raids aren’t getting highlighted like they normally do. I have the correct date and time but I don’t know how to fix it

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