Alcremie Flavors in Pokemon Sword & Shield - Milcery Evolution

Pokemon Sword & Shield Alcremie flavors are the different alternate forms that Alcremie can have when it evolves from Milcery. You only need one Alcremie flavor to complete your Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokedex, so might as well pick your favorite. But, of course, the question of how to evolve Milcery and how to get Alcremie flavors in Pokemon Sword & Shield remains. Well, we’re going to answer those questions right here, as well as where to find Milcery in the first place.

Alcremie Flavors in Pokemon Sword & Shield Milcery Evolution
Alcremie Flavors in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Milcery Evolution

How Many Alcremie Flavors are There?

There are nine possible flavors of Alcremie in Pokemon Sword & Shield. They are Vanilla Cream, Matcha Cream, Mint Cream, Salted Cream, Lemon Cream, Ruby Cream, Ruby Swirl, Rainbow Swirl, and Caramel Swirl. Which one you get will depend on the direction you spin in, the duration of the spin, and the time of day. We’ll get into that in a bit. Anyway, as far as we can tell, you don’t have to get all the flavors in order to fill your Pokedex, that would be way too brutal. One is more than enough. Pick your favorite flavor, the sweet you want your Alcremie to wear, and just run with that.

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How Does Alcremie Evolution Work – How to Get All Flavors?

To evolve Alcremie in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to give your Milcery a sweet to hold. It can be Strawberry, Berry, Star, Clover, Ribbon, Flower, or Love. This does not affect the flavor, but it is necessary for the evolution. Also, the sweet you give Milcery will influence the “hair” ornament your Alcremie will wear.

Once that’s done, depending on which Alcremie Flavor you want, you have to spin in a specific direction (sometimes for a certain amount of time) at a specific time of day. Again, it doesn’t matter which one, so just go with whichever one you like best. Here’s what you have to do for each of the nine flavors.

  • Vanilla Cream – Spin clockwise during the day
  • Ruby Cream – Spin anticlockwise during the day
  • Caramel Swirl – Spin clockwise during the day for over five seconds
  • Ruby Swirl – Spin anticlockwise during the day for over five seconds
  • Matcha Cream – Spin clockwise during the night
  • Salted Cream – Spin anticlockwise during the night
  • Lemon Cream – Spin clockwise during the night for over five seconds
  • Mint Cream – Spin anticlockwise during the night for over five seconds
  • Rainbow Swirl – Spin anticlockwise at dusk for over ten seconds

Where to find Milcery?

To find Milcery in Pokemon Sword & Shield, there are three locations that you can look in. The first one is Giant’s Mirror, where you have around 30% chance to encounter a Milcery. However, it only appears during foggy weather. You’ll have the same odds in Bridge Field, but, again, it has to be foggy. The third possible location is Route 4. True, the odds drop to around 20%, but at least the weather conditions don’t matter. Considering that you unlock fog way, way late in the game, you should probably try your luck on Route 4 if you want to get Milcery relatively early on. Just know that there’s no rush.

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