How to Get Fog in Wild Area - Pokemon Sword & Shield

Changing time and weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield is not an easy task, especially when you know that the weather affects what Pokemon you can catch in Wild Areas, while time determines when some Pokemon will evolve. As you already know, there are 9 different weather types in Pokemon Sword and Shield – Normal Weather, Overcast, Raining, Thunderstorm, Intense Sun, Snowing, Snowstorm, Sandstorm and Heavy Fog. In this article, we’ll share with you our conclusions on how to get fog in Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Fog in Wild Area Pokemon Sword & Shield
How to Get Fog in Wild Area – Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to change weather to Fog in Wild Area – Pokemon Sword & Shield

To change the weather and get the Fog effect in Wild Areas in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to beat the game first. Some people have been saying that you can bypass this by setting your time to 6 AM, claiming that this causes fog to appear in places like Rolling Fields. Or, at the very least, has a chance to cause Fog Pokemon to show up. However, we haven’t been able to replicate this process. From what we can tell, beating the game by (SPOILERS!!!) Leon at the end. That will unlock Heavy Fog appearing in the Wild Areas. If you have another way of doing this, by all means, correct us in the comments below.

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Some of the Pokemon that you can get with the Fog weather effect present in the Wild Areas include Milcremy, Ralts, Gardevoir, Mimikyu, Solosis, Mimikyu, and others. Now, of course, there’s a chance that you’ll run into some of them by playing raids. In the regular wild, however, not as much; not until you unlock the Fog.

What Does Weather Icon for Fog Look Like in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

The Fog Weather Icon in Pokemon Sword & Shield looks like a cloud with two lines below it. You can check out what it looks like in the screenshot above, if you need a visual. As you can tell, the game lets you see where fog can appear, but it doesn’t seem to until you, as we’ve said, beat the game. And, by the way, it seems that certain weather conditions mimic fog, but don’t necessarily count as fog, such as in the Lake of Outrage. It looks foggy there, but it’s also snowing, and we didn’t spot any fog-specific Pokemon there. Maybe that was just our bad luck, I don’t know. Do tell us in the comments if that’s the case.

How to change weather and get Fog, Sandstorm, Snowstorm

If you want check weather type in a specific area, open your map and press the + key to toggle weather icons on and off. As we already told you, in order to unlock Foggy weather you’ll need to finish the story first. For other weather types you should set the following dates:

  • Clear Weather: 1st May 2020
  • Sunny: 1st July 2020
  • Cloudy: 1st March 2020
  • Rain: 1st October 2020
  • Thunderstorm: 1st November 2020
  • Snow: 1st December 2020
  • Snowstorm: 1st February 2020
  • Sandstorm: 1st April 2020
  • Fog: 1st June 2020

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