Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield bad League staff member is an enemy you have to find in Wyndon Monorail Terminal in order to progress through the story. This is easier said than done, because Oleanna’s League staff member in Pokemon Sword & Shield looks almost exactly as all the other League employees. The only difference are the sunglasses. With that in mind, our Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield guide will show you where to find him, and the Pokemon he will use to attack you.

Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to Find Oleana’s League Staff Member in Wyndon Monorail Terminal in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find Oleana’s bad League staff member in Wyndon Monorail Terminal in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you actually have to look outside of the Monorail Terminal, in the large square where the mission technically begins. Specifically, he pops up near the grey wall to the right of the entrance into the Terminal proper. See the images below if you need visual assistance. The trouble here is that you can easily miss him, because the pop-ins in this game is teeth-grindingly awful. He’s invisible from where the mission begins, even though you can clearly see the wall.

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To be fair, we only found the guy after fruitlessly heading up to Wyndon Stadium, then going back down and heading right. Maybe that has something to do with it, but I doubt it. When you find the bad League staff member, you’ll have to battle him. He attacks with a level 47 Meowth and a level 47 Durant. At one point, Team Yell is going to swoop in to give you some assistance. Specifically, they’ll give your Pokemon a sharp Speed boost.

As our lovely readers Emanuel and Amber have pointed out, the staff member will then run away, and you’ll have to hunt him down again. His second location is on the left side of the fountain in the center, next to two people talking. This time, he’ll attack with a level 47 Mawile and level 47 Excadrill; luckily Team Yell will boost your Pokemon’s Defense and Sp. Defense. To find the third and final location, head to the left and up. He’ll be hiding in the phone booth. Expect to fight a level 47 Ferroseed and a level 47 Steelix, with Team Yell boosting your Attack and Sp. Atk.

So, there you have it. In case you’re having trouble with other stuff in the game, head over and peruse our list of Pokemon Sword & Shield guides. To name just a few articles, we’ve got Special Move Tutor Locations, How to Catch Pokemon Easier, and Shiny Charm Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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  1. A
    Aidan Pedersen

    This isn’t what people are looking for help for, once you win the battle, he runs to hide again. That’s what people need help to do; find him once he runs again.

    1. E
      Emanuel Ceja

      After you find him the first time he’ll run away and stand next to a couple on the outer ring on the fountain. All in the same little block where you find him in the first place.(Mawile, Excadrill)

      Later he’s in the telephone booth right beside where you find him for the second time (Ferrathorn, Steelix)

    2. L
      Luke Mathews

      Do you know where they went?

    3. A
      Amber Johns

      He appears talking to the two people on the opposite side of the fountain to where you battled him

      1. A
        Amber Johns

        And then more to the left in the telephone booth after that

        1. F
          First Edition Guy

          I wanted to drag the game out and stack my Pokemon so after round 1 I left and messed around(figure game built in a stop if not allowed). So now I can’t go forward in matches and the game is telling me to find the bad league guy(but he’s not where you find him). Am I crazy or is this a thing?

        2. B
          Benjamin Parsons


    4. J
      Jonte George

      Did you read the whole thing

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