Shiny Charm Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Charm is an item that you can unlock and use to make hunting for Shiny Pokemon easier by increasing the odds of finding and catching a Shiny Pokemon. That being the case, everyone is gonna want to get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon SwSh as soon as humanly possible. Well, turns out, it’s a grueling road towards that Charm. You really have to earn it. So, let’s see where to find & how to get Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword & Shield together. You’re not gonna like it.

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Shiny Charm Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Shiny Charm Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to Find Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Charm?

To find the Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Charm, you’ll first have to complete your entire Pokedex. Yes, really. And, obviously, you have to complete the main campaign, since that’s how you unlock access to certain Pokemon, like Charmander, Mimikyu, and Ralts. So, yeah; good luck on your hunt. There’s only, like, three or four hundred Pokemon to catch in order to complete the Pokedex. But, you’re doing it in order to get a Shiny Charm, which will give you quite an advantage when you go Shiny Pokemon hunting.

Once you’re done with that, head back to Circhester. Go into the hotel; it’s on the left side of the big town square. Head into the elevator on the left side of the reception. Go to the upper floor. When you exit the elevator, head left and down the corridor. Enter the second room in the corridor. There will be two people in there, a lady and a man with bad posture wearing a doctor uniform. You’ve seen this guy around the game. Talk to him, and he’ll give you the Shiny Charm as a reward for all your troubles.

Now, the overall process of getting the Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Charm is pretty brutal. However, odds are that, on your hunt for Shiny Pokemon, you will probably eventually complete your Pokedex. And, once you do, why not take a quick trip to the Circhester Hotel and pick up an item that will make the hunt that much easier?

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