Pokemon Sword & Shield Camp - Set Up Tent, Cook, Play

Setting up camp is a new feature in Pokemon Sword & Shield. You can set up camp anywhere in the Wild Area, and it’ll allow you to sleep in a tent, cook in a crock pot and play with your pokemon. This will grant them experience points, restore their HP and improve your relationships with them. Since the feature is new, you might not know how to properly utilize it. This guide will show you how to set up camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield, how to cook and play in camp.

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pokemon sword shield camp
Pokemon Sword & Shield Camp – Set Up Tent, Cook, Play

How to set up camp in Wild Area

Setting up the camp is done through the menu. When you find a spot you like in the Wild Area, simply press X to open up the menu, then look for a tent icon in the lower row. Select it, and you’ll quickly unpack and set up your camping equipment. This includes the tent, your toys and a crock pot.

pokemon sword shield how to set up camp

How to play with pokemon in camp

You can use the toys to play with your pokemon. You might not think it’s fun, but they do – they’ll respect you more if you throw the ball for them in camp. You can also use the other toy – the one with the bell – to draw their attention in order to throw them the ball.

How to cook in camp

While in camp, press X to open the camp menu, then select “cook”. First, you’ll have to choose the main ingredient – a pre-cooked burger, a pack of sausage or something along those lines. Then you’ll choose the berries you want to add to the pot. You can use up to eight. Once you’ve chosen the ingredients, you’ll have to fan the flames, stir the pot and so on.