Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Uniform & Buy Clothes

Changing uniforms, outfits, and clothes, as well as buying them, are one of many things that you can do in Pokemon Sword & Shield. The normal Pokemon Sword & Shield outfits and clothes don’t really grant you anything special, but uniforms, on the other hand, are more important. So, how does one get new clothes and outfits in Pokemon SwSh? How to change uniforms and clothes in general? Well, our Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Uniform & Buy Clothes guide is gonna show you how to get new outfits in Pokemon SwSh, how to change clothes and uniforms, and the like.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Uniform & Buy Clothes
Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Uniform & Buy Clothes

How to Change Uniform & Outfits in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To change your uniform, and clothes in general, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first order of business is to go into a clothes shop, or boutique. You can find these in bigger cities (move the cursor over a city on the map to see if they have a boutique). They’re easily recognized by the mannequins in the window and the shirt sign above the door. Go inside, then walk over into the changing room. From there, pick out the outfit you want. To find the uniforms, go to the rightmost icon, the one to the right of the Glove section.

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You can check out the way you look by pressing Y, and put on items of clothing by pressing A. When you’re happy with how you look, exit the changing room by pressing B. Confirm your choice, and be on your way.

How to change Gym uniform

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no, you can’t change gym uniform. Even though you can change uniform in a boutique, this will not affect your gym challenge uniform. You will be able to show off your new uniform in any city or Wild Area, but once you step in any Gym you will change your new uniform with the default one. We even tried to enter the changing room in several Gyms before we fought against Gym leaders, but we only got notification – only authorized people are allowed to enter here.

How to Purchase Outfits & Clothes in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To purchase outfits and clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, go into one of the boutiques in the game. As explained above, you can find them in certain cities, and you can simply move your cursor to a city to check if it has a boutique. Anyways, once you go into a boutique, speak with the person behind the counter. This will take you to the screen where you’ll be able to see what they have to offer.

Boutiques sell a wide array of shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, hats, glasses, and gloves. The only things you can’t purchase from them are uniforms. Those you have to earn on your own, but that’s a matter for another guide. We’re just trying to help you look spiffy here.

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  1. F

    Why bother giving us the type gym outfits if u can’t use them in the challenges, that’s just plain stupid

    1. O

      You can change your actual gym uniform inside the gym’s entrance at the store, there.

      1. K

        Been to a few Gyms. None have let me change. Only buy.

        1. J

          Yeah, we haven’t been able to replicate it, either.

  2. M

    Still unable to change gym uniform. I hoped devs will do something about it after all whining on reddit

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