Camping with Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield camping with friends is something that you can do in the Wild Areas of the game. It allows you to, well, camp with friends, make curries with them, and more. However, the system isn’t working very well, so trainers have been having trouble figuring things out. So, in our Camping with Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield guide, we’re going to explain how to camp with friends in Pokemon SwSh, how to see friends in the camp, how to make curry with friends, and more.

Camping with Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Camping with Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to Camp With Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To camp with friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to swap cards with each other. Also, you have to be in the same place in one of the Wild Areas. Exchange link codes, and make sure that you pick some weird number that you can agree on. Otherwise, you might join some stranger’s camp by accident. If, on the other hand, you want to camp with several friends, it’s probably best to appoint one person Camp Master or something. Let them send cards to everybody; that way, it’ll be much easier to get everyone on the same page. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again; the servers are still a little wonky, so expect some problems.

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How to See Friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield Camp?

You should be able to see each other automatically in the Wild Areas. However, that’s not always the case, because, again, the servers are quite weird. If you can’t see your friend in the camp, go inside your tent and then leave. This should reload the Wild Area, and, hopefully, you’ll both be on the same server and able to see each other. That said, if only one of you can see the other, that should be fine, too. In theory, you’re going to be able to use the tent of the visible player. You should probably try to see one another before doing anything, though, just to be safe.

How to Make Curry in Camp with Pokemon Sword & Shield Friends?

To make curry with friends in a Pokemon Sword & Shield camp, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the owner of the camp get to choose the main ingredients. The second thing is that all of you participate in the fanning of the flames and stirring. However, the little cherry on top is the “Put your heart in it” stage. If you all perform it at the same time, you’ll get a little cutscene for your coordination. I don’t think that it does anything in particular gameplay-wise, but it’s a neat little touch for those that can sync with each other.

How to Talk with Friends in Camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To talk with friends in your Pokemon Sword & Shield in-game, you can click on one of them when in the camp screen. That can be a bit of a nuisance, because you have to thread the needle between the Pokemon running around. Besides, all they have to talk about is their Pokemon, so, you know, there’s no particular reason to do it.

Huge props and thank-you goes to Reddit user TorturousKitty for the info. If you need more help with the game, have a look at our other Pokemon Sword & Shield guides. For example, we’ve written Night and Day Cycle in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Special Move Tutor Locations, and Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location.

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