Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Hairstyle & Customize Appearance

You can customize your appearance in Pokemon Sword & Shield. The game allows you to change the style and color of your hair, eyebrows and eyes. There are a dozen or so hairstyles, and a bunch of colors to choose from, so you can change your appearance if you don’t like what you’ve chosen during character creation. All of this can be done in the same place, and it’ll cost you. This guide will show you how to change hairstyle & appearance in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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pokemon sword shield how to change hairstyle customize appearance
Pokemon Sword & Shield Change Hairstyle & Customize Appearance

How to customize appearance?

To customize your appearance, you’ll have to find a barber shop. There’s one in Motostoke, in the main square with the big cogwheel. It’s on the right, the fourth storefront from the cogwheel. You’ll recognize it by the teal coloring, the two golden pillars on the sides and the scissors above the door.

Once you’re in, talk to the person behind the counter. They’ll offer to change your hair for 3000 moneys, or your makeup for 1000. If you choose to change your hair, you’ll be able to choose a new style and a color. If you pick makeup, you’ll be allowed to tune your eyebrow shape and color, as well as your eye color.

You can do this as many times as you wish – the only limitation there is are the funds you currently have. So if you don’t like what you picked during character creation, you can easily change your look a few hours into the game. You’ll pay the same no matter how many changes you make, so don’t be shy about experimenting. Also, the game lets you preview the different options before committing, so you can safely experiment until you find something you’re happy with. More options might get unlocked later in the game – we’ll update the guide with any relevant info we find.