Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chests & Secrets Locations – Collector Trophy

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a game filled with things for you to find and locating chests and secrets in each part of the planet will grant riches for the young jedi Cal. Chests hold lightsaber customization parts and other important items to make Cal either look good or more powerful. Each secret can unveil a force echo or all important force and life essences. Finding all of these will be a chore, but you get a gold Collector trophy (achievement) as your reward. Each planet has small sub-regions and the game tells you how many secrets and chests there are in each. Since some of them are so well hidden we decided to write this article. It will show chest and secret locations in Jedi: Fallen Order for each planet.

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Jedi Fallen Order Chests and Secrets Locations

Bogano Chests and Secrets Locations

Bogano is the starting planet of Jedi: Fallen Order and it has sixteen chests and six secrets to be discovered. Most of these can be found in your first visit to the planet, but some require more advanced skills. It has the following sub-regions:

  • Landing Pad – 1 secret
  • Fractured Plain – 2 chests
  • Hermit’s Abode – 2 chests
  • Bogdo Sinkholes – 2 chests, 2 secrets
  • Abandoned Workshop – 5 chests, 1 secret
  • Great Divide – 5 chests
  • Subterranean Refuge – 2 secrets

We will update this guide with information and screenshot walkthroughs as we progress through the game. Feel free to bookmark this page and return often because we will be inserting information around the clock.

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