Change Pokemon Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Nature affects the growth rate of certain stats, and the game allows you to change your Pokemon’s Nature in order to grow it more effectively. Of course, changing your Pokemon Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield comes at a price, and very late in the game. Plus, you’ll have to choose which Nature you want carefully. With all that said, we’re going to show you how to change Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield in this guide, as well as a list of Pokemon Natures that you’ll have at your disposal.

Change Pokemon Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Change Pokemon Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to Change Pokemon Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To change your Pokemon’s Nature in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to beat the game first. This will unlock access to the Battle Tower in Wyndon. In there, you can fight against high-level Pokemon and head up the ranks to be the best that ever was. In those battles, you’re going to earn BP, aka Battle Points. You use these as a currency at several vendors, such as the one that sells the Razor Claw.

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The vendor you’re looking for when it comes to changing your Pokemon Nature is right there in the entrance of the Wyndon Battle Tower. Specifically, you need to speak to one of the ladies behind the counter on the left; specifically, the one on the far left. She sells Nature Mints for 50 BP a pop. There’s a number of different Mints corresponding with the different Natures. Each Nature has a merit and a flaw, so you have to be careful what you pick. Plus, the Mints are expensive, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokemon Nature List

The Nature of your Pokemon influences which stat is going to grow faster. However, there’s also always going to be one stat that grows slower in return. Like I said, a merit and a flaw with each Nature. Well, all except for one, but we’ll get to that. The game lets you know how each mint influences the stat growth. If you need a quick reference list, though, we’ve got you covered.

  • Lonely Mint: + Attack, – Defense
  • Adamant Mint: + Attack Speed, – Attack
  • Naughty Mint: + Attack Speed, – Defense
  • Brave Mint: + Attack, – Speed
  • Bold Mint: + Defense, – Attack
  • Impish Mint: + Defense, – Sp. Atk
  • Lax Mint: + Defense, – Sp. Def
  • Relaxed Mint: + Defense, – Speed
  • Modest Mint: + Sp. Atk, – Attack
  • Mild Mint: + Sp. Atk, – Defense
  • Rash Mint: + Sp. Atk, – Sp. Def
  • Quiet Mint: + Sp. Atk, – Speed
  • Calm Mint: + Sp. Def, – Attack
  • Gentle Mint: + Sp. Def, – Defense
  • Careful Mint: + Sp. Def, – Sp. Atk
  • Sassy Mint: + Sp. Def, – Speed
  • Timid Mint: + Speed, – Attack
  • Hasty Mint: + Speed, – Defense
  • Jolly Mint: + Speed, – Sp. Atk
  • Naive Mint: + Speed, – Sp. Def
  • Serious Mint: All Stats grow at an equal rate

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