Pokemon Sword & Shield Circhester Gym Challenge Mission Pitfall Locations

Circhester Rock type gym challenge mission in Pokemon Sword & Shield is a series of challenges that you have to complete in order to earn entry into the gym and do battle. To beat these challenges, you’ll have to navigate through a series of arenas full of pitfalls. This is much easier said than done, because you can’t see the pitfalls; you have to find your way using the trap detector. If you’re struggling trying to figure out how to beat the Rock Gym mission challenges in Pokemon SwSh, the our Pokemon Sword & Shield Circhester Gym Challenge Mission Pitfall Locations guide is where you wanna be.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Circhester Gym Challenge Mission Pitfall Locations
Pokemon Sword & Shield Circhester Gym Challenge Mission Pitfall Locations

How to Beat Rock Gym Challenge in Circhester in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Where are Pitfalls?

To beat the Circhester Rock gym mission challenge in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to use the Trap Detector to find the pitfalls and walk around them. If you happen to miss a pitfall and tumble into the hole, you have to restart the challenge from the last platform you’ve reached. The first part of the challenge is not too difficult. Still, take a look at the screenshots below to see where the pitfalls are.

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The second tier of the challenge ramps up the difficulty. There are many more smaller holes, making the situation way more of a headache. Plus, almost the entirety of the right side of the “arena” are a big red herring. There are two platforms that you can use as checkpoints, yes, but they’re really close to each other, which kinda lessens their impact. Plus, they can even sorta mislead you. So, let’s see where the holes are, shall we?

The third floor is where the true nightmare begins. There’s a ton of small pitfalls all over the place, so that’s fun, but then, you also have a sandstorm obscuring your vision. We’re once again going to show you the layout of the holes and how to pass around them, but you’ll have to exercise caution on your end. Due to the low visibility, you might not notice that you’re just about to take a tumble.

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