Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Catch Water Pokemon & Travel on Water

Travelling on water and catching Water Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield are mechanics that are very closely connected. You unlock Pokemon SwSh water travel, and thereby the option to catch Water Pokemon living in the water, as you play the game. But, I know you can’t wait that long, you wanna know now. So, how can you catch Water Pokemon in water in Pokemon Sword & Shield? How to travel on water in Pokemon SwSh? Well, allow me to welcome you to our Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Catch Water Pokemon & Travel on Water guide, in which we’re going to answer these questions.

Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Catch Water Pokemon & Travel on Water
Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Catch Water Pokemon & Travel on Water

How to Travel on Water in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To travel on water in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have to unlock the option to ride your Rotom Bike on water. The Water Rotom Bike, if you will. To do that, you’ll have to play through the main quests in the game until you reach Route 9, to the northeast. We ended up on Route 9 during the “Find your way into Spikemuth” quest. While on Route 9, keep an eye out for the same doctor that gave you the regular version of the Rotom Bike. He’ll be chilling on a chunk of ice near the water. Have a chat with him, and you’ll get the Water Rotom Bike.

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Now that you have the Water Rotom Bike, here’s what you have to do. Summon the bike on shore, then ride it to the edge of the water. The bike should then automatically get floating devices, and allow you to explore the deep blue sea. Or lakes and other bodies of water that you can access. And, yes, this also means that you can now catch Water Pokemon that are living in the water. Which brings us to our next point.

How to Catch Water Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To catch Water Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield, the ones that live in the water and can’t be reached from land, you first have to get the Water Rotom Bike, as explained above. Then, go ahead and sail towards the Water Pokemon that you want to reach. For the most part, it’ll be enough to just come near them, and they’ll come after you. From there, the capturing mechanic is the same as with regular, land-locked Pokemon.

Battling them is a little different though. By which I mean, there’s an attack that you can get called Dive, which allows your Pokemon to, well, dive under the surface and attack. But, on the whole, Water Pokemon work pretty much exactly like regular ones do.

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