Fortune Teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield - Birthday

Pokemon Sword & Shield fortune teller is an NPC that you can meet in the game and asks you to give her your birthday. Naturally, trainers where immediately curious what the fortune teller in Pokemon SwSh actually does, and which birthday to tell her. Well, we’re going to explain how the whole thing works in our Fortune Teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Birthday guide.

Fortune Teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield Birthday
Fortune Teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Birthday

How does Fortune Teller Birthday Work in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

When you meet the fortune teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield, she will ask you to give her your birthday. It’s not a puzzle or anything like that, you can give her absolutely any date that you want. However, I do recommend that you give her your actual birthday, and you’ll understand why in a minute. Once the fortune teller knows your birthday, she’ll mumble some generic nonsense and go away.

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You can be forgiven for completely forgetting about ever meeting this person. That is, until you go into a Pokemon Center on your birthday. Confetti is gonna fly, fireworks will go off, and a cake will appear behind the nurse. And you’ll get a little “Happy Birthday” message. I don’t think this does anything in particular gameplay-wise, but it is a nice little touch.

Where to Find Fortune Teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find the fortune teller in Pokemon Sword & Shield, go to Wedgehurst. As you cross the stone bridge into the town, head up the path going uphill. Turn right towards the Pokemon Center. The fortune teller will be waiting for you right next to the Center. Give her your date of birth, and enjoy your little surprise when your birthday rolls around.

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  1. L

    My fortune said I will run into a legendary on that day which is very confusing and wondering if she says that to everyone

    1. T

      What did you put as your birthdate? (Ex: 04/20) cause mines is today (02/20) and she said that to me.

      1. T

        mine is 3/20

    2. T

      She says that to everyone 🙂

  2. M

    She’s next to the Wedgehurst Pokemon Centre , right?
    I am unable to find this woman.
    Not that it matters, I prob won’t be playing this game 4 years from now.

  3. O

    For some reason it won’t work for me… Can someone tell me why?

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