All Evolution Stones Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield - Water, Thunder

Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolution Stones are items that certain Pokemon need in order to evolve into their stronger forms. Evolution Stones are scattered around the map in Pokemon Sword & Shield. However, there is one spot where you can find at least eight of them at a time, and they seem to respawn. We’re gonna show you how to get to this place in our All Evolution Stones Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Water, Thunder guide

All Evolution Stones Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield Water Thunder
All Evolution Stones Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Water, Thunder

Where to Find All Evolution Stones in Pokemon Sword & Shield in One Place?

To find a place where you can get all Evolution Stones in Pokemon Sword & Shield, we’re going to start from Hammerlocke. Just make sure you have the Rotom Bike upgrade that let’s you go on water. Exit the city to the south, into Hammerlocke Hills. Turn right, and ride your bike down hill, towards the lake. Come to the edge of the water to make your bike transform to its water version. Cross the lake (Lake of Outrage, to be more specific) towards the path that you can see in the distance.

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Once on the other side, simply continue down the path, and you’ll find yourself near a huge stone circle. There are eight standing stones in the circle. Check out the base of each one of them, on the outside of the circle. In our go around, we found a Thunder, Fire, Dusk, Shiny, Dawn, Ice, Leaf, and Water Stones. That’s eight out of ten right there. And, best of all, the Stones regenerate every so often, so you can go back later and get even more Stones.

Of course, there are other locations around the map where you can find Evolution Stones, so stay tuned for those articles. In the meantime, check out some of our other Pokemon Sword & Shield guides. Like, for example, Turn Off Exp Share, Yamper Location – Boltund Evolution, and Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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