Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucario Evolution - Riolu Location

Lucario in Pokemon Sword & Shield is a Pokemon that you can evolve from Riolu or, in extremely rare cases, capture in the wild. Finding Lucario or Riolu in Pokemon Sword & Shield is complicated enough, but the evolution from Riolu to Lucario isn’t the most straightforward process in the world, either. In our Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucario Evolution – Riolu Location guide, we’re going to show you how to evolve Riolu into Lucario, where you can find Lucario in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and more.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucario Evolution Riolu Location
Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucario Evolution – Riolu Location

Where to Find Lucario in Pokemon Sword & Shield – How Does Riolu Evolution Work?

In order to evolve a Lucario, you first need to catch a Riolu, as we’ve mentioned already. We’ll cover that more below. For now, we’ll just focus on evolving Lucario. Once you have a Riolu, you’ll then have to raise its Happiness Level, or Friendship level to 220. Plus, it has to be during the day. When both of these conditions are met, your Riolu is going to blossom into a Lucario.

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Now, if we’re talking where to find Lucario in Pokemon Sword & Shield, things get murky. What I mean is that we’ve heard tell that Lucario can be found in North Lake Miloch, but were unable to confirm this. Also, there’s a chance that you’ll fight Lucario in one of the Max Raid battles in North Lake Miloch, Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills, Giant’s Seat, or Rolling Fields. There’s no guarantee of that happening, though, as is always the case with these raids.

Where to Find Riolu?

To find Riolu in Pokemon Sword & Shield, there seems to be only one region to look in: the Giant’s Cap Wild Area. That’s a pretty big place, with several sub-sections, but the odds and requirements for getting a wild Riolu to appear remain the same across them. Let’s be more specific. Riolu appears only in Giant’s Cap during a snowstorm. Even then, the spawn rate is a measly, piddly, pathetic 5%. So, prepare yourself for running or biking laps around Giant’s Cap in a blizzard until a Riolu decides to pop up.

And, well, that’s about it when it comes to Lucario and Riolu in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you’ve got questions about other stuff in the game, check out our other Pokemon Sword & Shield guides. Among other articles, we’ve written Gothita Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Sweets Locations – Strawberry, Berry, Love, Star, Clover, Flower, Ribbon, and Meowth Kanto Regular Form.

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    Hi. How do I know when my friendship level is at 220. The kid in hammerlock does not provide a value just text of the happiness level. Thanks!

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