How to Unlock IV Checker in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Individual values are a set of hidden stats in Pokemon Sword & Shield. They affect the base stats of each pokemon, and they pretty much determine the potential of each individual pokemon. These stats are assigned randomly to every specimen, so there’s no way to guess them. They’re invisible at first, but once you have the tools, you can check the IV of every pokemon you catch, which will allow you to decide whether you’ll keep them or look for another one. This guide is going to show you how to unlock IV checker in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

pokemon sword shield how to unlock iv checker
How to Unlock IV Checker in Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to get IV checker?

In order to unlock the IV checker, you’ll have to complete a series of steps:

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  1. First off, you’ll need to complete the main story.
  2. Then head to the Battle Tower in Wyndon, in the far north of the map, and take on the challenge.
  3. Reach rank 4 and you’ll get the IV checker. This happens after six victories – immediately after you win the fight against Leon.

How to check IV?

Once you have the IV checker, simply open up the pokemon box, find the pokemon you want to inspect, select them and press +. This will show you a panel with a list of individual value stats, with descriptive values instead of numbers.

How to decipher IV stats?

When you first see the IV stats, you’ll notice there are no numbers involved. There are numeric values attached to the descriptions, but you won’t be able to see them. Here’s a handy list detailing the ranges covered by each description:

  • No Good: 0
  • Decent: 1- 10
  • Pretty Good: 11 – 20
  • Very Good: 21 – 29
  • Fantastic: 30
  • Best: 31

The numbers aren’t all that important – you should always strive for either Fantastic or Best. In the absence of those two, Very Good can be satisfactory. Everything below that is bad.

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