Lucky Egg Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield - How to Get

Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucky Egg is an item that a Pokemon can hold to earn extra Exp. Points in battles. That being the case, you’ll want to get the Lucky Egg in Pokemon SwSh as soon as you can. That’s easier said than done, though. The Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucky Egg is really well-hidden behind a specific side quest that you have to complete. It’s incredibly easy to miss. Let’s walk you through where to find & how to get Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucky Egg step by step, shall we?

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Lucky Egg Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield How to Get
Lucky Egg Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to Get

Where to Find Pokemon Sword & Shield Lucky Egg Location?

To find the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have to go to Hulbury after you beat the main story. That’s the place where you have to get through the Nessa gym waterfall puzzle challenge. Anyways, once in Hulbury, go to the right from the Pokemon Center and you’ll find a building with a sign that has a chef on it. That’s a restaurant, of course. Go inside, and speak with the chef.

The chef will tell you that his delivery boy has a cold, and couldn’t come in to work. So, he needs your help to deliver food to his hungry customer. You, being the good person that you are, should say yes. After all, there’s a Lucky Egg on the line here.

How to Get Lucky Egg in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Chef Customer Locations

To get the Lucky Egg in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have to make three food deliveries for the Chef. To find the first customer, head down the road towards the stadium, then head up the stairs to the left. Enter the second house and speak with the old lady. She’ll give you an Exp. Candy L (grants a single Pokemon a large amount of Exp. Points). Go back to the restaurant and talk to the chef to get five Nuggets. Speak to him again to start the next delivery.

The second customer is also relatively close to the restaurant. Go down the same path as you did for the customer before, but don’t go up the stairs. Instead, head into the last second-to-last house on the left before the stairs. Talk to the blonde man, then head back to the chef to complete the order and receive two Bug Nuggets for your troubles. Time to start the third order.

For the third customer, cross the street from the restaurant and head down the stairs to the little “flea market” area. Walk to the right and interact with the guy standing at the “booth” with a green and white awning. After you complete the order, go back and talk to the chef. He’ll give you the Lucky Egg as a reward.

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  1. L
    lord cakes

    you may want to recheck yout info buddy. the lucky egg can’t be obtained until after main game (you become champion)

    1. J

      I didn’t give any time frame for when you can get the Lucky Egg. Please, read more carefully. That said, I should’ve added that info, and now have.

  2. C

    The second delivery needs to be delivered to the SECOND TO last house on the left before the stairs…not the last house before the stairs.

    1. J

      You are correct, my mistake

  3. Y

    I like the photos alongside the text. The previous website I tried to get this information from showed me a photo from inside the second house, you showed me exactly where to go and made it abundantly clear so thank you.

  4. I

    sooooooo…. has this changed recently? Every site I check mentions the quest to get it, which requires beating the game. The reason I went looking was because, well, I found one. Outside of the quest. Only after having 3 badges. And this is my first time playing through. I freaked out because I didn’t even realize I got it until after I was rummaging through my pack and BOOM… there it was. So just curious, has anyone heard about getting one randomly? Because I did, and I’m not even sure how :/

    1. G

      You can currently get it as a raid reward from baby Pokémon in special raids this may explain how.

      1. I

        lol that was definitely it, ty. I was very confused. Wound up getting 6 in total, best possible scenario!

  5. W

    There is no blonde man in the second to last house for me, just two twin kid girls. Iam champion and already did 1st order. Any ideas?

    1. W

      Nvm I never started the 2nd after getting the nuggets my bad lol

  6. D

    Big Nugget not Bug nugget

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