Pokemon Sword & Shield Minccino Location - Motostoke Water Whistle

Minccino location in Motostoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a short side quest in the game that you can get from a small boy in Motostoke. The boy asks you to find the Minccino near water, and whistle. He also warns you that there’s no water in Motostoke. That, however, is not true, but the place is very easy to miss. In our Pokemon Sword & Shield Minccino Location – Motostoke Water Whistle guide, we’re gonna show you where to find the Miniccino for the Motostoke boy in Pokemon SwSh, where to find water in Motostoke, how to get the Miniccino to go back to its owner, the works.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Minccino Location Motostoke Water Whistle
Pokemon Sword & Shield Minccino Location – Motostoke Water Whistle

Where to Find Miniccino for Motostoke Boy in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Mworp Location?

To find the Miniccino for the Motostoke Boy in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have to find a body of water in Motostoke and whistle by it. You’ll know that you’re in the right place when you hear “Mworp.” As the kid tells you, there isn’t a lot of water in Motostoke. However, there is one, and closer than you think. From where you find the boy, head to the right. Pass the brick building with the green sign. In the courtyard of the next building, you’ll see a statue of a Pokeball sticking above the wall.

Enter the courtyard and head left, towards the Pokeball statue. As it turns out, that statue is actually a part of a fountain. When you approach the fountain, you’ll see a big old “Mworp” pop up on the screen. That’s how you know you’re at the right place. Come close to the fountain and whistle by pressing the left stick. The Minccino will appear for a split second, and then go back to the boy. So, that’s exactly what you should do as well to get your reward.

Talk to the boy, and you’ll receive a bottle of Throat Spray for your troubles. The Throat Spray raises Sp. Atk when a Pokemon uses a sound-based move. Whether or not you will get any use out of the item depends on whether you use sound-based moves at all. But, hey, you made a kid happy by returning his Pokemon, you did a good deed.

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