Pokemon Sword & Shield Catch Flying Pokemon - Windgull, Butterfree

Catching Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a relatively simple mechanic, but it isn’t as simple as just walking over to them. Pokemon SwSh Flying Pokemon require one easy extra step. The game kinda gives you a hint as to what you’re supposed to do in order to catch the Flying Pokemon, but you might have missed it. If you can’t figure out how to catch and / or fight Flying Pokemon in Pokemon SwSh, then our Pokemon Sword & Shield Catch Flying Pokemon – Windgull, Butterfree guide is the right place for you.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Catch Flying Pokemon Windgull Butterfree
Pokemon Sword & Shield Catch Flying Pokemon – Windgull, Butterfree

How to Catch & Fight Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To catch and fight Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you first have to approach it. Then, you have to whistle in order to make it come down to you. You’ll know you got its attention when a question mark appears above their head, and they start flying towards you. When it flies down, simply let it bump into you or run into it to start the battle. Then, either capture it or fight it or both, however you please.

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Now, the next question we have to answer is how to whistle in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Well, it’s pretty simple, but you might have skipped over it by accident. To whistle in Pokemon SwSh, just press the left stick. That’s all you have to do. Hop will even tell you how to do it very early in the game. You can use it to attract all kinds of Pokemon, not just flying ones. Regular, land-locked Pokemon will also come to you if you whistle, as will Pokemon living in water.

If you couldn’t figure out what you have to do in order to catch Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield, don’t beat yourself up over it. The way that Hop frames it, whistling is just for Pokemon that are hiding in the grass that you want to suss out. Turns out, no; whistling attracts Pokemon of all sorts that are within earshot.

How to catch flying Pokemon who fly away when you whistle?

The trick is to stand still and whistle. Don’t move, just whistle, they’ll get curious and come closer and closer until they finally engage in battle. If you chase them while whistling they’ll fly away (thank you Goolwallah).
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  1. P

    It doesn’t work :/

    1. J

      Trust me, it does. Try again, you’ll get it 🙂

      1. T

        im trying to catch this one but everytime i whistle it gets scared and flies away any idea?

      2. C

        I does not work tried several times

  2. K

    Doesn’t work for butterfree. 🙁

  3. E
    Elliot Young

    Its definitely does not work on butterfree and I’m quite sad about it.

    1. T

      it works if you stand in long grass 😀

  4. T

    For butterfree (and presumably other flying mons that flee on sight), you need to stand still **in the long grass** and whistle, or they’ll never approach. It took me 20 minutes to discover this ;_;

    1. H

      Oh my goodness Thank You

    2. K

      Thank you so much!!

    3. M

      This worked splendidly!! Thanks!!

    4. K

      And… 30 seconds later, I’ve got a butterfree. Thanks for the final crucial detail.

  5. B

    Yeah with butterfree “hide” in grass and whistle they’ll come right up to you

    1. W

      Long grass is the ticket!

  6. Z

    It only works for butterfree if you stand in the grass while whistling. It took me 20 minutes for me to find this out :/

    1. N
      Nicole Roscioli

      It works for noibat too

  7. P

    You have to be crouched in the grass for it to work.

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