SW Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk Flora & Fauna Scanning - Databank Entries

Kashyyyk flora & fauna is one of the databank categories in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. There are six entries in this chapter, and they’re all about plants and animals that inhabit the forest planet. You’ll need to scan all of them if you want the Data Collector achievement. This guide is going to show you all SW Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk flora & fauna entries, as well as where to find them.

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sw jedi fallen order kashyyyk flora fauna scanning databank entries
SW Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk Flora & Fauna Scanning – Databank Entries


The first entry is Tach, a gray-furred primate that lives high up in the trees. Although the description says they can be found on the ground, searching for overripe fruit, the scannable one is high up in the Origin Tree. It was in the Gnarled Heights area. After you climb the giant swinging log, turn left and look down. Drop onto the big branch and the monkey should be to the right.

Spider Web

The second entry is the Spider Web. It’s in the Origin Tree area. You’ll find it north from the save point at the base of the tree, past the area where you fight three spiders and a slug. It’s on the wall.

Wyyyschokk Eggs

In the third slot, you’ll find Wyyyschokk Eggs. Although there are lots of them all over the planet, and an adult female can lay around a thousand of them a year, you’ll have to scan specific ones. They’re in the Imperial Refinery, in the area where you fight the Albino Wyyyschokk mini-boss.

Lung Plant

The fourth databank entry in the flora & fauna section on Kashyyyk is the Lung Plant. They’re the green bulbous plants that can bounce you around. It’s a defense mechanism that makes them appear larger when they sense danger (like when a herbivore starts chomping on their leaves, or a jedi jumps on them). You’ll find a scannable lung plant in the Origin Lake area – there’s a bunch of them there, but only one is growing from the water, wedged between a wooden floor on one side and a grassy platform on the other. We had to approach it from the side with the wooden boards.


Slot number five is reserved for Mushblooms, a type of fungi that grow on Kashyyyk. They’re edible before maturity, but once they’re ripe, they’re pretty poisonous. There’s a scannable specimen in Gloomroot Hollow. After you leave the cave with the save point head down the path with the jaw plants, then turn left. Follow the road to a cliff – climb the rope up, and you’ll encounter a couple of storm troopers being eaten by carnivorous plants. As soon as you drop from the rope, look to the right and you’ll find the mushrooms.

Shyyyo Bird

The Shyyyo Bird is the last, sixth entry in the Kashyyyk flora & fauna databank. You’ll get it automatically during the mission where you heal the giant, dopey bird – it’s going to unlock as soon as the cutscene is over.

sw jedi fallen order kashyyyk flora fauna databank entry shyyyo bird
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