Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity Evolution - Low Key & Amped

Toxtricity is one of the pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield. It’s the evolved version of Toxel, a toxic and electric monster that first appeared in this generation. Toxel can evolve into one of two forms of Toxtricity, and a lot of people are wondering how to tell which one they’ll get. If you’re wondering how Toxtricity evolution works in Pokemon Sword & Shield, this guide will explain everything and show you how to get the amped or low-key form.

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pokemon sword shield toxtricity evolution low key amped
Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity Evolution – Low Key & Amped

How does Toxtricity evolution work?

It turns out, the evolution of your Toxel depends on its nature. It seems like a more introverted or reserved personality results in the low-key form, while a more energetic and outgoing one leads to the amped one. Here’s the full list of natures and how they affect the evolution:

  • Low-key: gentle, lonely, relaxed, serious, bold, timid, calm, modest, mild, quiet, bashful, careful;
  • Amped: hardy, adamant, brave, docile, lax, impish, naughty, hasty, jolly, naive, sassy, quirky, rash.

How to get Toxel?

In order to get any kind of Toxtricity, you’ll first need a Toxel. As far as we’ve surmised, you’ll get one for free from the nursery on Route 5. This is the first nursery you’ll encounter, and the little toxic gift is supposed to be of great help in the first gym battle.

If you want another, you’ll have to brave the Wild Area. There are several places where Toxel can spawn in the overworld, and the chance of encountering it depends on the weather. If you want a detailed breakdown of the best places to hunt this little purple dino-baby, be sure to check out our Toxel locations guide. It’ll show you exactly where and when to look for it, and what your chances of finding it are.


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