Pokemon Sword & Shield Cutiefly Location

Cutiefly is one of the pokemon that appear in Pokemon Sword & Shield. It is a bug and fairy type, and it looks like a mix between a bee and a fly. It was introduced in the seventh generation, and it made a comeback in the latest game. You can find it in several places in the Wild Area, but the spawn rates depend heavily on the weather. If you’re interested in getting one of your own, this guide will show you all Pokemon Sword & Shield Cutiefly locations.

pokemon sword shield cutiefly location
Pokemon Sword & Shield Cutiefly Location

Where to find Cutiefly?

If you’re wondering where to find Cutiefly, the best place to look would be Bridge Field. Depending on the weather, your chances of finding one will range from 30% in normal weather and heavy fog, to 25% in overcast weather and 20% in intense sun. If you’re hell-bent on getting it, this is the place you should go to.

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Motostoke Riverbank is also a solid option. When the weather is overcast or it’s snowing, there’s a 25% chance it’ll appear. During a snowstorm and heavy fog, there’s only 10% chance of it spawning. It can also appear in Giant’s Mirror, but only during heavy fog, and even then only in 5% of the cases.

As you can see, it’s relatively easy to capture a Cutiefly, you only need to know where to look. Once you know the best locations, it’s only a matter of time. It won’t take long, no matter how unlucky you are. After you’ve managed to persuade one to join your team, you’ll be able to nurse it into a Ribombee after level 25. It’s probably best if you do that, unless you’re in love with the visual design of the Cutiefly. The evolved version is better in almost every way, and it’s the same type, so you won’t lose anything.

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    They can also be found out route 4 regardless of weather.

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