Can You Turn Off Y-COMM and Remove It From The Screen in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Y-Comm is a new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield that you can use for trading or playing with your friends in Wild Areas. This feature is available at the beginning of the game, and you can access it simply by pressing the Y button on your Nintendo Switch. You will mostly use it to trade Pokemon or send notifications about Raid battles. Even though it has many important roles, a lot of players found it a little bit annoying. The main reason for this conclusion comes from the fact that Y-Comm sends too many notifications. In this article, we’ll explain how to turn off Y-COMM and remove it from the screen.

pokemon sword and shield turn off y-comm
Is it possible to remove Y-COMM from the screen in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

How to turn off Y-COMM notifications?

The problem with Y-COMM is that its notifications are taking too much space on the screen. We thought that the solution would be simple. We pressed + in the Y-COMM and chose to join local connections. It actually stopped sending us notifications about our friends, but it continued reminding us about what Pokemon we just caught. The only solution for this comes from Reddit user moonlightdlx, who found out that turning off the game and turning it back on and never touching the Y button will stop the notifications from popping up.

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Can you remove Y-COMM from the screen?

Since the Y-Comm icon is always placed in the left bottom corner of your screen, a lot of players would like to remove it. Unfortunately, you can’t do that; at least, not at the moment. We just hope that Game Freak developers will answer the prayers of their players and let them control some basic Y-COMM functions that have an impact on the gaming experience.

If you have any solution to this problem, please share it with us and the rest of the community in the comments below.

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