SW Jedi Fallen Order Outfits Locations - ESB Luke, Pilot, Outlaw

Outfits are cosmetic items in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Cal wears them under the poncho, so they’re mostly invisible, unless you wear the mini-poncho instead of the regular one. They have no effect on gameplay – they just change the way you look. One of them will make you look like Luke from Empire Strikes Back. If you’re interested in collecting them all, this guide will show you all Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order outfits locations.

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How many outfits are there in Jedi Fallen Order?

There are only five outfits in the game. They’re pretty much the same, only in different colors. The default one is called Rigger Crew, and it’s dark blue. The second one is the Guardian outfit, which is the one khaki one that makes you look like ESB Luke. Then there’s the olive green Pathfinder outfit, the dark orange Pilot suit and the pitch black Outlaw outfit.

Where to find outfits?

All five outfits can be found in chests across different planets. Some can be accessed with no particular skills, while others require advanced powers, tools or abilities. The Guardian outfit (which makes you look like Luke) is on Zeffo, in the Abandoned Village. There’s a house in the middle of the village that’s built in a lower place than the others. Climb onto the roof and you’ll find a chest there.

The Pathfinder outfit is located on Bogano. You’ll need the double jump before you can start looking for it. Go to the Fractured Plain, and head into the area with the big round hole in the ground, the one that leads into the Subterranean Refuge. Approach the cliff there and look down – you should see a platform with a bunch of monsters and a chest. That’s Binog Mesa, and that’s where your costume is.

The Pilot outfit is located on Kashyyyk, in the Gnarled Heights area. Keep going up until you reach the swinging log. Use the vines to grab it, then climb it all the way to the top. Turn around and you’ll see the chest on the branch below, on your left. You’ll have to jump there, and having double jump will help immensely (thanks to Daniel Venter for the tip).

The Outlaw outfit is the hardest one to obtain – not that it’s particularly hard, but you’ll need all the main abilities before you can go after it. Once you have the Climbing Claw, you’ll know it’s time. Go to Dathomir, and head across the segment bridge to the big fortress. Turn right and follow the path through the Nightmare Ruins, past the Nydak Alpha boss fight. When you get to a room with a bunch of Nightbrothers and huge chunks of meat hanging from the ceiling, go left and climb the vines. Follow the path to the cliff, and you’ll find a chest there.

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