Prey Alternate Paths - Secret Passage & Shortcut Locations

Alternate paths are shortcuts and secret passages in Prey. They allow you to enter places that require particular keycards or keycodes, without having those cards or codes. There’s a bunch of them across the station, and they’re fairly easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey Alternative Routes we find, to help you explore the whole map.

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prey alternate paths secret passages shortcut locations
Prey alternative routes – secret passage locations

Research and Design shortcut

Area: Neuromod Division
Location: You’ll need a keycard to exit R&D – the area with the cubicles and mahogany walls. Get to the exit door, then turn right. You’ll notice a maintenance hatch on the wall. Open it, and enter the crawlspace. It will lead you to the lobby. You can get some junk items and an explosive canister inside as well.

Talos 1 Lobby Security Station secret entrance

Area: Main Lobby
Location: The alternative route into the security station in the main lobby lets you get a shotgun pretty early on. Go to the hallway leading into the station, and jump onto the yellow pipe going along the left wall. Follow the pipe until you reach a secret vent/room. Jump down and you’ll end up in the security station.

Machine Shop secret entrance

Area: Hardware Labs
Location: If you want to sneak into the machine shop, there’s a nifty maintenance hatch that lets you avoid the main door. Go to the upper floor and onto the atrium walkway. Enter the medbay, and you’ll see the hatch in the corner.

How to enter Armory if you killed prisoner

Area: Psychotronics
Location: If you decided to kill the psychotronics prisoner to get materials, you’ll need another way to enter the armory. Luckily, there is a way. Navigate to the armory window – you’ll need to tear down a GLOO wall. Look at the door through the window – there’s an override switch next to it. Use the boltcaster to shoot the switch, and the door will open.

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