Prey DLC Tease on Twitter Carries Secret Message

The latest in a series of tweets on the Prey account continues to tease the upcoming DLC expansion set on the Moon’s surface. This time around, it contains a hidden message. When decoded, it reveals a reference to the game’s original protagonist. Interesting, if you know how the game ends.

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Prey DLC Tease on Twitter Carries Secret Message
Prey DLC Tease on Twitter Carries Secret Message

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are ramping up their DLC-teasing game. Over the past two weeks, they have published several tweets pretty clearly indicating that they’re working on a DLC expansion for Prey (including the image above). As people have pointed out, it’s pretty clear that our new adventure will be taking place on the Moon. If that seems completely out of the blue, you haven’t been paying attention while playing Prey. There’s a note in the game that reveals the existence of the moon facility, called Pytheas. Part of it reads: “The Pytheas facility sits deep in a crater on the Lunar pole, permanently shadowed and surrounded by kilometers of ice. Beneath Pytheas is a vast network of cramped tunnels where helium-3, hydrogen and platinum are mined.”

The latest Tweet in the series also contains a hidden message. The Tweet reads: “a Great meMory: thRee thINGs caNNOt be lOnG hidden: the sun, the MOOn, AnD the tRuth.” While it just seems like that Sponge Bob meme, the capital letters are actually an anagram. Once solved, the message reads “Good Morning, Morgan.” It seems pretty underwhelming, yes, but it’s not completely useless. There will be Prey spoilers from here, so beware. In the end of Prey, we find out that Morgan is actually a Typhon going through a simulation. So, this message is a little interesting. Will we learn more about the real Morgan? Does the simulation continue? We’ll have to wait for the DLC to launch to find out. There’s no set release date yet.

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