Rage 2 How to Get Settler Pistol Pre-Order Bonus Weapon - Cult of the Dead God

Settler’s Pistol in Rage 2 is a pre-order bonus weapon you can get in the game, if you’ve bought it ahead of the launch date. The Rage 2 Settler’s Pistol pre-order weapon is locked behind a specific mission. However, players that got the game early have been having some trouble in actually getting the Settler’s Pistol. If this has been bothering you, our Rage 2 How to Get Settler’s Pistol Pre-Order Bonus Weapon is hopefully going to help you out.

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Rage 2 How to Get Settler Pistol Pre-Order Bonus Weapon
Rage 2 How to Get Settler’s Pistol Pre-Order Bonus Weapon

Where to Find Settler’s Pistol Pre-Order Weapon in Rage 2 Cult of the Dead God Mission?

To get the Settler’s Pistol pre-order bonus weapon in Rage 2, you’ll have to complete the bonus mission, Cult of the Death God. I say bonus mission, as in it’s also a pre-order bonus. Now, completing this mission is also going to reward you with the Nicolas Raine Armor, yet another pre-order bonus. A lot is going to hinge on you completing the Cult of the Dead God, seems like. There has been some talk about the mission being a limited time thing, so you might want to dive into it as soon as you can. Which brings me to our next point.

Now, the “problem” here is that the pre-order bonuses won’t go live until the game actually comes out. So, depending on where you live, you aren’t going to be able to access this stuff until the game launches for a number of hours. This also goes for those of you that have pre-ordered a physical copy and gotten it early. So, yeah, just arm yourself with patience and wait for a bit longer. I have a feeling that the game has enough as-is to keep you busy.

As for will the Settler’s Pistol is going to become available later for those that didn’t pre-order, that we can’t say for sure. Rage 2 is coming out in a matter of hours, on May 14th, 2019. So, there’s precious little time to pre-order it, if you still want to. You can get it on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. We’re going to be covering it quite a bit, so tune back in for more.

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