Resident Evil 3's Jill Valentine Gets Her Own Trailer

Resident Evil 3 Remake is getting closer to release with each passing day. That’s just the nature of time, I guess. Capcom has been eager to share their new old game lately – we’ve already written about the select characters of RE3 that will be making a return. Now they’ve decided to put one specific character under the spotlight, and it’s none other than Jill Valentine.

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re3 jill valentine trailer
Resident Evil 3’s Jill Valentine Gets Her Own Trailer

Unlike the character introduction they provided us with last time, this trailer is clearly geared more towards returning players. It’s filled with memorable scenes from the original, characters you would’ve remembered and showing off the games new, polished look. Jill in particular looks like a human being this time around, which is a big step up. It’s understandable, though – it’s been 20+ years, the technology has advanced. No amount of technology can help Carlos’ hair, though. It’s a different style, but it still doesn’t look like it’s a part of his head.

But don’t worry, if you preorder, you’ll get access to the Classic Costume pack, which includes Carlos with his original, horrendous hairdo, and Jill in the iconic strapless top and mini skirt with a sweater tied around her waist, an outfit literally nobody ever would use in a zombie apocalypse, especially not a member of a special police squad. So even if you haven’t played the original, you’ll still get to experience some of the insane fashion choices we had to deal with back then.

There’s also a bit where something that looks like an angrier, larger version of Nemesis shows up, and fans have been speculating about this. The leading theory at the moment is that Nemesis mutates as you progress through the game and fight him more and more, which sounds like a lot of work for a remake. Still, it could happen.

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