Resident Evil 7 Ethan Must Die! - Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC

Ethan Must Die is one of the new game modes in Resident Evil 7. It was added in the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC. It tasks you with traversing a remixed version of the Baker house, looking for Margaret. There’s no saving – when you die, you have to start over. You also collect items from crates, and the contents of each crate are randomized every time you start the game. It’s tough, but not impossible. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to beat Ethan Must Die in Resident Evil 7.

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resident evil 7 ethan must die dlc
Resident Evil 7 Ethan Must Die!

How to beat Ethan Must Die in Resident Evil 7

Since the items are randomized in every run, we can’t help you with weapon locations and such. However, we can give you tips to help you master the process.

  • When you die, all your equipment stays there, in the place where you were killed. If you manage to reach it in the next playthrough, you can pick it up. Simply interact with the angel statue and you’ll get it back.
  • With that in mind, always try to remember where you fell. Ammo and items are hard to come by, so getting back the gear from your previous life is a great boost.
  • There are traps strewn across the house – tripwires and pressure plates. Avoid triggering them – you can lure enemies to them and save some ammo.
  • Turrets are similar to traps – they’ll start shooting as soon as you enter their radius. If there are no enemies around, simply enter the room then take a quick step back. Once it’s out of ammo, the turret will stop. Alternatively, you can kite enemies into a room with a turret, then duck out of sight. The turret will attack the moleded and save you the trouble.

How to know which crates explode in Ethan Must Die

Items are hidden in wooden crates. The stars above the crate signify the quality of the item inside. Some crates are rigged to explode. You’ll hear ticking when you get near them. The sound is faint, so you’ll need to make sure there are no other sounds that could muffle it, like enemies approaching or doors closing. As far as we’ve noticed, the trapped crates also have only one stripe of tape around them.