Nioh Samurai Boss Fights,Guardian Spirits, Endgame Bonuses Revealed

Yosuke Hayashi, co-director of Nioh, recently held a short Q&A on the European PlayStation forum. He revealed some new details about endgame bonuses, guardian spirits and boss fights with samurai in the game, and more. These are the new facts about the game gathered from the interview.

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Nioh Samurai Boss Fights,Guardian Spirits, Endgame Bonuses Revealed
Nioh Samurai Boss Fights,Guardian Spirits, Endgame Bonuses Revealed

The third demo for Nioh, titled Last Chance Trial, lasted between January 20th to 23rd. For many players, one of the highlights was the fight against samurai Muneshige Tachibana. Tachibana is a real historical figure, just like Nioh’s protagonist William Adams. When asked if the full game would feature more samurai duels, Hayashi answered laconically: “In short, absolutely.”

One of the questions in the Q&A concerned the number of guardian spirits. These are basically spirits our hero can summon, and they help out in battle in various ways. According to Hayashi, we’ll be able to collect twenty guardians over the course of the game.

Hayashi also addressed the possibility of playing as someone other than William Addams. Apparently, completing the game will give you the ability to change the way you look. Therefore, you’ll be able to change into and play as other characters from the game.

There was also mention of multiplayer, both co-op and PvP. According to the interview, PvP will be added to the game in a free update. As for the co-op, there will be two kinds. The first one will be random match co-op, and the second will be with a friend.

Also, there was talk about some players complaining about the game’s relentless difficulty. After all, Team Ninja is famous for their brutally hard games, such as Ninja Gaiden. It only makes sense that their version of Dark Souls would be super punishing. However, they modified the enemy AI to make the difficulty “something that players could be more accepting of”.

Nioh will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It’s coming out on February 7th in North America, February 8th in Europe, and February 9th in Japan.

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