Resident Evil 7 Jack's 55th Birthday Tips & Tricks - Banned Footage Vol. 2

Jack’s 55th Birthday is a mini-game included in Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It tasks you with feeding Jack at his birthday party before the time runs out. In this guide, we will give you various tips and tricks on how to beat Jack’s 55th Birthday in RE7. The key is to bring Jack different types of food, until the score meter is full, as fast as you can.

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Resident Evil 7 Jack's 55th Birthday Guide
Resident Evil 7 – Jack’s 55th Birthday

How to beat Jack’s 55th Birthday in RE7

  • At the start of each level, find the stash and make sure that you are well prepared before heading out. As you complete levels, you will unlock various boost items, depending on your score. Once unlocked, they can be used in any level. Just scroll down the stashed items list to check them all, and their prerequisites.
  • Make sure that you don’t carry too many items in your inventory, since Jack’s food will also take up inventory space. However, boost items can be very helpful, especially in later levels.
  • Shooting and killing enemies will stop the standard timer, and create a new one, depending on the enemy that you have killed. Killing a bunch of enemies in a short period of time can provide a really nice freeze to the main timer, while you search for food.
  • Make sure that you pickup the super weapons hidden in each level. They have unlimited ammo for a short period of time, and they are very powerful.
  • You don’t have to give the collected food to Jack right away. Since the food can be combined, it’s a good idea to store it in your stash, and give it to Jack once you have found the right ingredients. Combined food will give you a better score, therefore lowering the time needed to complete each level. Here are some simple food combinations:
    • Cake can be combined with sugar and cheese.
    • Chicken can be combined with spice.
    • Stew can be combined with spice.
    • Beer and fruit.
  • Locked doors can be opened by killing certain enemies, who are represented by the same color as the lock on the door. Those doors can lead down a very useful path, and towards more food for Jack.
  • Ammo is scarce in your stash, so always aim for the head for more damage. Early in the game, you can unlock the boost item called Clairvoyance, which will highlight all items you can pick up.
  • There are 6 levels in total, and you will need at least a B mark in a level to unlock the next one. Better scores, such as S, will grant you better rewards.