Injustice 2 Trailer Features Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Black Canary

With Valentines day upon us, it is time to meet some new Injustice 2 female characters, as well as get to know some older ones better. The action-packed trailer features Black Canary, Cheetah, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

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This is not the entire female line-up for Injustice 2. We’ve already seen Super Girl in action. There are also Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. If you get the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, you can get the premium skin for Super Girl. The skin transform your Super Girl into Power Girl, with an all new look, voice and dialogue.

Black Canary

This is not the first time wee see Black Canary. She was revealed a week ago in the Black Canary gameplay reveal trailer. Her unique special ability called Canary Cry feels like a good enough sequence to end each video with her. In both of the videos she fights against Blue Beetle. At this point, it almost feels like he has a grudge against her.


Cheetah is a newly revealed playable character. In this trailer, she fights Swamp Thing. He was also revealed almost a day ago. There isn’t too much of her to see, but the conversation between her and Catwoman is rather silly.


Where there is Catwoman, there is Batman. The relationship between these two is something that’s always funny to watch, especially for long-time DC comics fans. They’re not really friends, but they’re also not enemies. It’s complicated, and they certainly have a rich history together.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is the last female fighter we got to see. Catwoman and Atrocitus are targets of her rage, as she makes her way to the throne. After the sequence where we witness the mashup of all trailer characters in action, the video ends with Poison Ivy’s deadliest attack. Poor Atrocitus didn’t stand a chance.

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