Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Free DLC Delayed to Ensure Quality

The Not a Hero free story DLC for Resident Evil 7 is getting delayed. The reason behind this, according to the developers, is because they want more time to work on it. They seemed very humbled by the positive reception of RE VII, and they want to make a DLC that’s worthy of such a highly-praised game.

Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Free DLC Delayed to Insure Quality
Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Free DLC Delayed to Insure Quality

Recently, a video went up on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel. In the video, director Koshi Nakanishi, producer Masachika Kawata and executive producer Jun Takeuchi give the players an update on the Not a Hero free story DLC. According to them, the DLC will have to be delayed for a while, because they don’t think that it’s good enough yet.

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Resident Evil 7 is probably the best-received game in the franchise since Ressie 4. As a result, the developers of the DLC are very aware that they have to make something that will match the main game’s quality. That’s why they want to take some extra time in order to perfect the project. They feel that, as it stands now, the Not a Hero DLC is not on the same level as RE VII, and they don’t want to serve fans a sub-par product.

Of course, the gentlemen in the video apologize for the delay and thank the fans for their support and their patience. While many will certainly be at least slightly disappointed by this turn of events, I think the developers deserve props for this decision. It’s not often you see this kind of care from triple-A gaming companies. Fortunately, the Not a Hero DLC will absolutely come out at a later date, when the developers think it’s good and ready. Needless to say, it will still be free.

You can check out the update video below.

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